Rolling Nicks Squash Foundation


The Rolling Nicks Squash Academy (RSNA) is a facility dedicated to growing the sport from the ground up. Our goals are “access, performance and improve” the future of squash while embracing it’s past. Our Academy targets schools, youths and players/enthusiasts of all socio-economic backgrounds. In addition, the RNSA is a dedicated training facility for India’s aspiring touring professionals, top juniors and beginners. we provide all of the necessary elements of long-term athlete development including top coaching, dedicated court time, world-class fitness/training facilities and therapy services. RNSA aims to develop squash awareness and provide better facility to learn and play squash through coaching, events, etc.

” Our aim is support and uplift the Game of Squash in India to International levels. “

Abhinav Sinha

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    Abhinav Sinha

    I have been a sports enthusiast and believe in promoting sports culture in India.

    My initiative is to give back to sports and for that I have started Rolling Nicks, Which has been a dedicated foundation to create a strong base for sports in India. The aim is to create a Sports culture and to produce world champions from India.

    I am a Professional Squash Player and have been playing Indian squash circuit since 1999 and International PSA Tour since 2013. I have travelled the world and has experience of training with the best players and coaches. I am happy to share my experience with the young players as it will help them achieve their goal.
    I believe there is a strong need of sports culture in India and we need to create more opportunities to promote the sports.